Report: Teams Using The FBI To Investigate DeSean Jackson

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Who knew that this would be the off-season of DeSean Jackson.

The embattled former Eagles wide receiver is trying to land a team and clear his name after having his relationship with gang affiliated friends thoroughly examined by the media over the past week.

Mark Dominik has been an NFL personnel guy for a lot of years and after being fired by the Buccaneers last month,  he landed the job an NFL Insider for ESPN.

Dominik told Anwar Richardson of Yahoo! Sports that teams will use the FBI to investigate and dig deep into DeSean Jackson’s background.

“What you have to do is you have to look to your security department, and your in-house information, and you’re busy trying to gather all the information you can about all the allegations,” Dominik told Shutdown Corner.

“My initial thought is gangs are things to be weary of, but they’re also not as many players in real gangs right now as people think. You got to proceed with caution with that one because that one can just be thrown against the wall and not have any merit.”

“The thing you’re really digging on from a national perspective, and when I say national I mean the FBI in your local area, your own security director has ties, anybody on the NFL security,” Dominik said.

“You’re going through them, but the thing you’re really trying to figure out is who is this guy, and is he going to be a good teammate for your football team. Is he a person you’re going to be comfortable with in two months or four months? Something happened. They didn’t have to cut him, and they did.”

None of this information should be shocking or alarming.

Every NFL team has a security team in their security department.   Alot of those gentleman are ex-FBI, ex-law enforcement and ex-military teams to use to do background information on all their players.

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8 thoughts on “Report: Teams Using The FBI To Investigate DeSean Jackson

  • has the NFLPA said anything about this whole situation? The smearing of Desean Jackson is turning into a despicable show. If the Eagles didnt want to pay him, just be upfront about it. Just say he isnt a Chip Kelly system guy or whatever. But now we are being led to believe DJAx is the most dangerous gangbanger in the history of Los Angeles!

    • Come on, Desean was a perfect fit for the system look at his stats. This has everything to do with his entitled personality and shady characters he’s been spotted with and bragging about with instagram pics flashing gang signs at 4 in the morning with groups of thugs. This was very common of him. His house was also burglarized in January by guys with gang ties. This has absolutely nothing to do with money or the system. this is all on Desean and his actions.

      • pic shows rappers and ball players, and deshawn throwin up a W for west coast. gangs don’t throw up W’s, they throw up sets. and today many people through up neighbor hood they came from and their not apart of a gang. serena did a crip walk in front of the nation. why? she from LA.


        • So why isnt it called the LA walk?

  • A lot*

  • The reason the NFLPA hasn’t acted at this point is because the owner, the coach, and organization have not said one thing about Mesean supposedly gang related activity. As always, this is being driven by the Philly and national media.

    • You obviously haven’t seen all the twitter pics that he has previously posted.

  • then how did aarron hernandez slip through the cracks

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