Republican Politician Says NBA Players Would Resort to Crime if Teams Folded

Pat Garofalo Racist

State Representative Pat Garofalo from Minnesota tweeted out the following statement earlier tonight:

I don’t know why he would think this was appropriate, correct, or even funny but it’s pretty incredible that a state rep would say something like this in public. I say in public because I think we all know how some of these guys operate behind closed doors.

I would think an apology is coming but he responded to a couple tweets and hasn’t backed down yet.

Stay woke.

12 thoughts on “Republican Politician Says NBA Players Would Resort to Crime if Teams Folded

  • What an idiotic statement! Now I do believe if there were no NBA, than some players may have turned to crime. We hear all the time of players saying how these sports kept them out of the streets. However, to say something like what mr. Garofalo said is just uncalled for.

  • This is a thin veiled attempt to pander to a subset of his constituency. By trotting out the most cliched stereotypes about Black Men, he goads the trolls into joining in with statistics and blah blah blah at the ready. Garofalo is the worst kind of narcissist.

  • The NBA is racist. Despite a population of approximately 14% of the American people, blacks make up around 80% of the league’s players. Why is this never pointed out?

  • The race card.. really? So by that same logic then Hockey is racist too? Blacks account for less that 3% of all Hockey players. You, my friend, are pathetic.

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