Republican Politician Says NBA Players Would Resort to Crime if Teams Folded

Pat Garofalo Racist

State Representative Pat Garofalo from Minnesota tweeted out the following statement earlier tonight:

I don’t know why he would think this was appropriate, correct, or even funny but it’s pretty incredible that a state rep would say something like this in public. I say in public because I think we all know how some of these guys operate behind closed doors.

I would think an apology is coming but he responded to a couple tweets and hasn’t backed down yet.

Stay woke.

12 thoughts on “Republican Politician Says NBA Players Would Resort to Crime if Teams Folded

  • Hockey playing hillbillies. There are still a lot of hateful heathens in that state outside of the TC metro area. Anyone can become a state rep…from farmers to former pro wrestlers. It’s not uncommon to hear the Mall of America being called the ‘Mall of Africa’ by lifers in non urban areas.

    • Hockey Playing Hillbillies? WTF. Hillbillies don’t play hockey you goof. And for your information the only reason the players in the NBA are there is because they weren’t born a foot shorter.

      If Lebron was 5 8″ he’d be working at McDonalds.

  • The truth hurts. Deal with it.

    • what truth?, if the NBA folded today
      There would be white trainers, PR excecs,cheerleaders, concession stands workers, ticket takers, parking lot attendants resorting to crime for sooner than a 24yr old black millionaire with a guaranteed pension.

    • Doc, we’re waiting for a reply to Bob’s comment. Don’t run now.

  • Bob – I’m guessing that the 24 yr old Black Millionaires would be broke in 2 yrs and couldn’t take care of their entourage

  • Absolutely correct.

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