Revis: I’m Relieved I Don’t Have To Face Tom Brady Anymore


Darrelle Revis got a big money deal from the Patriots and now he’s saying all the right words.

After signing his two-year $32 million dollar deal, Revis told that he’s so happy and “relieved to only have to face Tom Brady in practice.”

Revis said “Brady was the best quarterback he’s ever faced.”

“I’m very relieved,” Revis told “Patriots Today” on Monday about not having to face Brady anymore. “I think the feeling is mutual for me and Tom. I feel like he’s the best quarterabck I’ve ever faced. We’ll still compete in practice, but I know on Sundays we’ll be on the same side, wearing the same jersey.”

Brady hasn’t been totally bad or totally good in his matchups against Revis.

In 11 career ballgames, Brady has completed 34 of 58 pass attempts, for a 58.6 percent completion percentage, 395 yards, three touchdowns and one interception in 11 games according to Pro Football Focus.

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