Rex Ryan On Mark Sanchez: We’ll See What Happens

rex ryan sanchez tattoo

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez sat out the 2013 season with a shoulder injury. And with a $2 million roster bonus due at the end of the month and set to earn $9 million in the last year of his contract with New York, questions are looming about his status with the team.

When asked about Sanchez, head coach Rex Ryan’s non-committal response may have answered more questions than he thought it would.

“We’ll just let that play out and see what happens,” Ryan told when asked about Sanchez’s future. “But it’s nothing I’m going to make a comment on.”

Hmmmmm…that didn’t sound very promising.

On the other hand, Rex had plenty of positive things to say about Mark’s replacement, Geno Smith.

“I really like where he left off,” Ryan told “The last month of the season was probably his best. I know he had some rocky spots, to say the least. And so did we as a team. But to finish where he did, I think he was the second-highest-rated quarterback at the end of the season. Very few turnovers. He ran the ball effectively as well. So he used his legs, used his arms, cut down on turnovers.

“I think if he could play that way, we’re going to be tough to beat.”

Infer what you’d like about Ryan’s lack of response about Sanchez, but if you ask me it looks like he may have to change the number on that tattoo of his.