Rousey Disses Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Again (Video)



Ronda Rousey is really playing the Bad Girl role well now-a-days. Once again Rousey took a jab at UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.

“Like that whole Arianny thing. Those comments from the Maxim thing, that was from like 12 months ago. Did it just take her a year to come up with a comeback? Like why is this coming up now?” said Rousey.

Oh but she didn’t stop at that little jab.

“They made grammatical sense, which is good for her,” Rousey said, then laughed.

Shots Fired!!!

Celeste obviously isn’t going to challenge the best women’s fighter in the world to a fight, so it’s kind of unfair for Ronda to keep this beef going. I just hope Ronda does this tough girl act when she has to face Holly Holm or Cris Cyborg.

Here’s Ronda’s full interview:

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