Samsung Had Specialized Team Restore LeBron’s Contacts & Nudes

LeBron James is the most googled searched NBA player of 2013.

LeBron was not happy when this happened.

LeBron Tweets Samsung

I, in turn pointed out the obvious.

That is when Samsung got involved.

TMZ spoke to a rep for Samsung who essentially told us the company scrambled the jets to remedy the problem that blasted to LeBron’s 12 MILLION followers.

“We are following the situation,” the rep tells us … “We have a team looking into it. There should be more information soon.”

LeBron realizing that he made a mistake and probably after speaking with Samsung deleted the Tweet. Luckily the nudes were restored (and whatever else he had).

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  • where does it mention the nudes?

  • Who is “her?”

  • The owner of this site said, I started this site due to the things Joe Buck said about Randy Moss on live tv. Said that he wanted to tell the good side of black athletes. Said he could only imagine what Buck and others like are really saying about black athletes behind closed doors. Yet we sit here and all this site does is trash and bash black athletes. #truth

  • Thanks truth speaker!

  • Robert Littal jjust isn’t funny, I hope he knows and understands that.

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