Scott Boras Hints That Bryce Harper Won’t Get Mike Trout Type Of Deal

bryce harper 12 year deal


So, it looks like Mike Trout will be eating Dinosaur size steaks by himself for the foreseeable future. Bryce Harper’s agent pretty much scoffed at the chances of Harper inking a similar deal in the future…by way of a tea analogy (try to read between the lines).

“I have the pleasure and privilege of watching Mike Trout play every night,” Boras said. “I think he’s a very special cup of tea, for which he is deserving of a completely different brew. While few, I definitely consider Bryce Harper as part of the next generation of elite brand of teas. Certainly as a studied connoisseur, I may hold a differing opinion as to the availability, demand and value of tea futures.”

So…is he saying that Bryce’s type of play won’t drive much value in the future vs Trout, who isn’t as power driven? $144.5 million is a lot of money, and if I’m Harper one would have to wonder what I can do to get that part of the bank.

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