Shaq’s Accuser Show X-Rays With Metal Plate in His Neck (Photo)


This story proves one thing. You have to be careful who you joke around with. Back in May 2013 a man named Rob Williams at Turner Studios claimed that Shaq viciously attacked him and he suffered serious injuries. On the other hand, Shaq said that the he and Williams were just playing around. It’s been almost a year later and Williams’ lawyer is providing a photo of the x-ray take after he had surgery in November to correct a herniated disk according to TMZ.

Williams’ attorney claim that his client had to have 4 screws an a metal plate inserted in order to correct the injuries occurring from a “punch-tackle.” Williams did file a police report against Shaq for assault and battery, but no arrests have been made. Either way, Shaq isn’t your average sized man and it’s possible he got caught up in having some laughs and forgot his own strength.

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