Social Media Forces Roddy White To Honor His Bet


Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White caught a lot of backlash when he told a fan on twitter that he would give him season tickets if Mercer beat Duke and then went against his word.

Now according to ESPN, after coming up with a cheesy reason not to, White is changing his tune.

“I’m a man of integrity and definitely a man of my word, and the kid is a great kid,” White told “We have talked about it for days while people were just speculating. And being a father, you have to be responsible for your actions. I have always been a ‘say what you do and do what you say’ type of guy. And I wanted to add some incentives because he was so cool.”

A team official has confirmed that White will give the fan season tickets and super bowl tickets. He will also receive pre-game sideline VIP passes for Falcons training camp where he’ll be Roddy’s special guest.