Someone is Trademarking “The Black Mamba”, But it Isn’t Kobe

Roger Mayweather

The truth be told Roger Mayweather was going by the Black Mamba back when he was boxing in the 80s & 90s and the Nickname has stuck throughout the years.

Most people only know Roger as Floyd Mayweather’s trainer, but he was a three time champion in his own right.

Even though most people associate The Black Mamba with Kobe now, he has never tried to trademark it, so Roger will probably get approved, unless this article gets Kobe’s attention and he tries to stop it.

TMZ Sports has learned … Roger Mayweather — a former boxing champ turned trainer — filed a trademark application with the U.S.P.T.O. hoping to win the rights to the mark, “Roger ‘Black Mamba’ Mayweather.”

Roger says he gave himself the nickname years ago after watching a nature show about reptiles.

According to official documents, Roger is in the final stages of locking down the trademark … which he intends to use to brand his boxing empire (personal training, coaching, etc)

One thought on “Someone is Trademarking “The Black Mamba”, But it Isn’t Kobe

  • Kobe should have done this a while ago. If Kobe throws some $$$$$ Roger’s way he can stop the trademark of the name.

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