Steve Smith: ‘I’m a Panther until I’m told otherwise’

steve smith ice up son

There has been a lot of talk about Steve Smith not returning to the Panthers next year and being a potential cap casualty.

If that is going to happen, someone is going to have to tell him because it doesn’t seem like he wants to let go. This is what he said today on ESPN:

“Here’s all I have to say about it,” Smith said. “I am working out and doing all the things as I am a Carolina Panther. That’s where I am. And I’ll continue to move forward until I am told otherwise.”

I don’t know if a player can strong-arm his way into staying on a team but Smith looks like he will try. My guess is that he will be gone sooner rather than later but the problem is: who will tell him?

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  • Smith hater spotted… some1 hide the salt.

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