Steve Smith Says He Was Stop for Driving While Black During Live Interview


Steve Smith

Steve Smith was doing a radio interview with Dan Le Batard when he was pulled over by the cops. When he was asked if he was pulled over for being on his cell phone, here is what Smith had to say courtesy of TD Daily.

Smith: When you don’t have nay warrants or prior arrests, it goes a long way.
Le Batard: Did you drop the Steve Smith Card.
Smith: No, my ID says that. My ID cleared as no priors.
Le Batard: What you get in trouble for, being on the cellphone?
Smith: Nah, you know, hey a brother driving a nice car…

If that was the only reason Smith was pulled over, the cop needs to called out for his actions. Smith could be lying and there was a legitimate reason he was pulled over, but without more details we may never know.

You can listen to whole interview here.


  1. If he was driving while on his cell phone, he should be hit with a massive fine no matter what color he is. I hate that shit. Hang up and drive!

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