Steve Smith Wants to Retire as a Panther

Steve Smith Retire Panthers

I’m surprised by this.

New Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith took out an ad in The Charlotte Observer thanking Panthers fans and said that he looks forward to retiring as a Carolina Panther. Even after saying there will be blood shed when he meets his former team:

“It”s hard to accurately express all the emotions I have felt over the last several weeks,” Smith wrote. “This has been a difficult time for me and my family, but you all have been a bright spot for us.”

“I will always consider myself a Carolina Panther,” Smith wrote. “And I look forward to the day when I get to come home to celebrate my career, and retire in the city I’ve grown to love and appreciate very much.”

I’m not surprised that all of this is bittersweet for Smith after spending 13 seasons with the Panthers, but I didn’t think he would be talking about retiring with them so soon.

Would Panthers fans welcome him back?