T.O.’s 3-Day Mail Lady Wife Wants Alimony


Terrell Owens three-day mail order…I mean mail lady wife has officially responded to his divorce petition and she’s going for blood.

TMZ has reported that Rachel Snider says she wants the former football star to pay alimony and her legal costs.

It’s basically a middle-finger back to T.O. — who checked the box asking Rachel to foot the legal bill. Rachel is also asking to legally drop “Owens” as her last name.

There’s one thing they both agree on — the marriage only lasted from January 23rd to January 26th.

In Rachel’s docs, she also makes it clear she’s going to fight Owens’ claim that there’s no community property.

So…T.O. used you for your good credit and money, BUT you want him to pay alimony? Chile please you know he ain’t got it.

This whole 3-day marriage and divorce have been quite comical and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t trolling us all for the attention.

Rachel Snider

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