Tara Reid Claims She Kissed Tom Brady


When nobody is talking about you, the best way is to gain some relevance again is to pair yourself with someone who matters right now. For American Pie star Tara Reid, that person would be Tom Brady. According to Larry Brown Sports, Reid appeared on KIIS Kyle & Jackie O Breakfast Show when they were doing a segment called “60 Seconds of Kiss” where she admitted that she had the pleasure of tasting the lips of the McDreamy of the NFL (aka Tom Brady).

According to Reid it was back in 2002 when she was in the height of her career. It was also, of course, way before Tom met Giselle and started to make a run for David Beckham and Posh Spice for being the most perfectly beautiful couple out there. Reid had this to say about the NFL’s darling Tom:

“Have kissed,” Reid said when Brady’s name was mentioned, per the NY Daily News. “He’s pretty good looking.”

There were definitely Tom and Tara rumors back in 2002 so there is a good chance this happened, but it’s been over a decade. To Kiss and tell over a decade later seems so sad and pathetic on Reid’s part.

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  • Yeah…and she probably sucked his dyck too….so what…..I guess it’s time for Tara to write a tell all book exposing all the guys she has screwed…that should get her some attention…for about 5 minutes

  • I always thought he was gay and his wife was just a beard.

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