Terrell Owens: I’d Destroy Jordan On Basketball Court (Video)


Terrell Owens has lost his damn mind.

Owens, who is currently unemployed, going through a divorce and set to appear on the apprentice went out of his way to bring attention to himself by trashing the G.O.A.T.

In a video courtesy of TMZ, Owens says he would “destroy and humiliate Michael Jordan” on the hardwood.

“I’m dunkin’ on n**gas. I’m crossin’ n**gas up … MJ don’t even want none of this right now.”

He goes on, “I know he’s 50-something-years-old … he used to be MJ but he would be ‘crossed up MJ’ if he come mess with me right about now, ’cause my game is nice!”

Owens then hypes up his jump shot for good measure — “My J is wet. My J is wetter than Niagra Falls right now!”

Owens is as big a Jordan fan that you’ll find, so we’ll chalk it up to trolling.

Who knew T.O. used such language tho.

One thought on “Terrell Owens: I’d Destroy Jordan On Basketball Court (Video)

  • LOL…MJ wouldn’t waste his time even though T.O. would love to play Jordan and try to get some money out of it somehow…

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