Texas A&M QB Arrested When Found Passed Out Drunk in Street (Mugshot)

kenny hill mugshot

It seems as though former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel may have passed the torch of debauchery to his possible successor, sophomore Kenny Hill. According to The Eagle, 19-year old Hill was arrested outside of a Northgate bar called Chimy’s around 3am this morning for public intoxication.

When police found Hill, he was allegedly drunk and passed out in a plantar of rocks and plants in front of the restaurant-bar.  Reports say the cops asked Hill who was our current president to which he replied “Bush,” and also identified himself as “Kennedy.” Hill could be the possible replacement for Manziel at starting QB for the Aggies, but this might raise a red flag for the Aggies coaching staff.

There have been no comments from the A&M Athletic Department on the situation.