The God Who Told RB To Leave Combine is Internet Preacher Lord RayEl

Adam Muema

The situation and circumstances surrounding San Diego State running back Adam Muema leaving the combine continue to get more mysterious by the day. To recap, he left the combine because God told him that if he left he would play for the Seahawks. Then he went missing for three days and the people closest to him didn’t know where he was. After that, he was found at the Fort Lauderdale Airport wearing the same clothes from the combine.

Now it turns out that the God that told him to leave the NFL Combine was an internet messiah called Lord RayEl. From the LA Times:

Muema ascribes special significance to numbers, particularly eight, as a means for communicating with God. That’s promoted by Lord RayEl, who claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. In recent weeks, Muema posted videos of Lord RayEl on his Facebook page and emphatically defended him on social media.

On Saturday, Lord RayEl’s Twitter account claimed a prophecy foretold Muema leaving the combine.

The mention of eight and Schneider’s would-be appearance at the Mass made clear to Muema that leaving the combine was right, according to the Instagram post.

So Lord RayEl told him that he should leave the Combine. And as for how he knew the Seahawks were the team for him? The program at the church said that their GM, John Schneider, was going to talk at the service. Unfortunately, Schneider did not speak at the service. Also, Muema’s agent has dropped him so things are looking bleak for his NFL prospects.

I just hope that nothing further happens to the young man.