The Knicks Fans Protest Didn’t Have Great Turnout (Video)

Knicks Fans Protest

Forty Knicks fans protested outside of Madison Square Garden before the team’s game against the Indiana Pacers.

Here’s one of the protesters accounts that they sent to Deadspin:

I showed up around 6:15 and the drummers looked like they had been playing a while because there was a big crowd around them. You could barely get around them. They were still playing when I left at 7. You can kinda see in the top right of the “inside” pic I attached [first photo below] that there was a big crowd around the drums, but not too many people there to observe the protest [see top photo]. The drums were loud as hell and drowned out the protest chants. Knicks drumline played the opposite end of the 7th Ave. marquee, drowning out most of the angry chants.


Here are vine videos from SB Nation’s Seth Rosenthal: