The Men Mayweather Allegedly Had Beaten Release Broken Bones X-Rays

Something still seems a little off about this story, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

But to recap, Mayweather had some jewelry stolen and allegedly thought some of his security people pulled an inside job. Instead of going to the cops he allegedly put out a mob style hit on the men.  He allegedly kidnapped them and beat them to an inch of their life.

The men leaked the X-Rays above to TMZ, shows a couple of broken bones, nothing life threatening

  • Broken right pinkie
  • Severe swelling of the left hand
  • Broken left ulna
  • Cracked right ulna
  • Multiple fractures in left hand that required pins to reset the bones

Curiously there are no beaten photos of the actual men who are doing the accusing.  Hard to see if the X-Rays are fictitious or not.

As far as the police they have been silent so far and no arrests have been made.  You would hope that Mayweather who is in line to make close if not more than $100 million this year, wouldn’t risk it all for some jewelry, but until the police speak out we won’t know if this is an extortion attempt or one of the dumbest crimes of the century.


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