Twodel Tries to Spoil Shaq’s Birthday By Saying He Has Small Penis


Shaq vanessa_lopez

The judge threw Vanessa Lopez’s case out of court and basically called her a lying, manipulative groupie, but that isn’t stopping Lopez from trying to rain on Shaq’s parade.

It’s Shaq’s 42nd birthday today and these documents just happened to get leaked today as well.

Vanessa Lopez Shaq

Vanessa Lopez Shaq 2


She’s a Petty Croker…


  1. LOL…..this groupie chick is something else. Well if Shaq likes to eat bloody p*ssy and has a small dyck who cares……not my problem

    • I kinda…sorta agree…but damn! Suqs to be him. Reminds me of that movie where Brendan Frasier played a giant basketball player but lacked…the equipment. Lol

  2. Shaq needs to put a gag order on this groupie! This chick is still bitter because Shaq smashed and she got nothing out of it. She will continue to talk because she wants attention and money! This is why pro athletes shouldn’t screw around with these bottom of the barrell chicks!

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