Update: Hendricks Makes 170 lbs on Second Try (Video)


*Update* Johny Hendricks makes the 170lb weight limit on his second attempt. Didn’t seem to have much trouble but now he is 2 hours behind Lawler in the rehydration process for tomorrow’s fight.

It’s not a huge deal that Johny Hendricks missed weight at today’s weigh-ins. He had weighed in this morning at the 170 lb limit set for his championship fight against Robbie Lawler, but body weight naturally fluctuates during the day.

Anyone that has wrestled knows that there are many ways to cut a few pounds, especially given 2 hours. The question becomes will Hendricks have enough time to rehydrate before tomorrow night’s fight? He is a power puncher and needs to be at 100% to defeat Lawler.

Here is the full weigh-in video from today: