Usain Bolt Hump Dances With Groupie at Carnival (Video)



What good is it being the fastest man in the world if you can’t slow down from time to time and have a little a fun?

Well Usain Bolt will never find out because he’s been getting busy in his down time, visiting Trinidad & Tobago for its yearly Carnival celebration. While there Bolt decided to partake in some of the local delicacies (and I’m not necessarily referring to food) as you will see in the following video:

Here’s a more detailed recap of Bolt’s time in Trinidad:

I’m jealous but I’m not mad at him.

H/T to Best of Elite.

2 thoughts on “Usain Bolt Hump Dances With Groupie at Carnival (Video)

  • Damn…..Usain be swimming in the p*ssy….

  • Ya mon!

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