USF Recruit Arrested After Pulling Gun on Cop (Mugshot)

Marquise Bryant mugshot

Probably not the smartest move by Marquise Bryant.

The question begs was there something that made him feel like his life was in danger? I am not condoning pulling your gun on an officer, but we know in Florida sometimes they shot first and ask questions later.

Here is the cops’ side of the story.

The suspect — 18-year-old Marquise Bryant — was confronted by an officer in Fort Myers, FL for loitering around 2:30 AM.

During the incident, the cop says Bryant reached for his right front pocket — even after the cop told him to put his hands up.

The cop says Bryant continued to go for the pocket … and a fight broke out between the two — with Bryant allegedly pulling out a gun at one point.

But the officer was able to click a button that released his police dog Bala from the cop car — and Bala bit Bryant on his right thigh.

Luckily no one was shot and Bryant has been charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

Bryant a running back had committed to University of South Florida.

4 thoughts on “USF Recruit Arrested After Pulling Gun on Cop (Mugshot)

  • “Probably not the smartest move by Marquise Bryant”

    This might be the understatement of 2014.

  • I realize that the second ammendmant says nothing about needing a permit to carry a conceled weapon but some think they can make up their own rules to supercede the Constitution. If you are going to carry a gun you may as well break down and get the permit.

  • Marquise Bryant should be dead right now..that cop showed great restraint.. if that had been Philly dude would be six feet under..These wannabe gangsta play with their lives while young innocent men like Trayvon Martin die..its not fair..

  • Innocent? Travon WAS being s wannabe gangsta. He was fleeing from someone he thought was a creep and he just had to double back to confront someone he did not know, in a Right to Carry state with a Stand Your Ground Law. He jumped on top of him and started wailing on him. If it had been me instead of Zimmermann the results would have been exactly the same. These little tough guys need to understand that trying to “man up and knuckle up” with everyone you have a disagreement with or don’t trust/like might just get you shot – legally.

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