Wale’s Altercation With Twitter Troll at WWE Raw (Video)


Wale has had issues with NBA announcers, Twitter followers, radio people, magazines and more, so you can’t be shocked he went after a WWE Fan, but this time it appears he was provoked.  TMZ reported that Wale had punched the fan in the face and beat him up pretty badly.

The reality of the situation was it was just some light pushing and trash talk, before being quickly broken up.  You can check out the altercation in the video below.

Word on the street is Wale can be a bit sensitive to criticisms, but in this particular case, it appears Wale was just minding his own business when the Twitter troll went looking for a fight.

Wale Fight

Wale could have ignored it, but he did the exact opposite.



It would have been awesome if a Stunner had been attempted, but after talking to security, both the Twitter Troll and Wale were allowed to return to their seats after their very weak shoving match.

The Twitter troll is still working on his 15 minutes of fame.