Wichita St Ron Baker says the Ladies Love Him

The Ladies Love Wichita's Ron Baker

Wichita State’s Ron Baker has already been receiving pressure during and prior to the NCAA tournament and it is not even from Kentucky or because of the tournament.

“Fans — not just girls. Kids, adults, everybody’s trying to be your friend,” the Wichita State Shockers guard told FOXSportsKansasCity.com before Sunday’s third-round meeting with Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament. “It’s a good thing. But sometimes, it just gets a little too much.

The 6-foot-3 guard has been gaining more recognition, even more than just for his play. Girls and grown women, yes grown women, have been freaking out over this Justin Bieber-esque Shocker.

It’s a few months back, and he’s walking from practice to his truck. Even with his hood up, the Shocker star notices a young girl — maybe 12, 13 years old — starting to trail him.

So he’s in the driver’s seat, adjusting the radio, and generally defrosting in the parking lot.

When he lowers his hood, he notices this same little girl is now standing directly in front of the truck, staring at him.

“And staring at me for a good amount of time,” Baker said.

So he waves.

“And she looked at me all crazy and waved at me,” he recalled. “And then sprinted off. Just took off running, screaming, just for no reason.”

None? No explanation?

“Nope. Looked at me in amazement that I’m human. That I do breathe oxygen.”

“When he would answer questions for our ‘Go Shockers’ Twitter account, some girl asked him to marry her,” forward Darius Carter recalled. “And it seemed like she was really serious about it.”

“Yeah, he’s quite the favorite of a lot of people,” Shockers coach Gregg Marshall said. “But especially young ladies. And some older ladies as well