Wisconsin FB Recruit Accused of Rape During Recruiting Visit (Mugshot)

Dominic D. Cizauskas Badgers Rape

Dominic D. Cizauskas was charged Monday with third-degree sexual assault for allegedly raping a woman in her dorm room in December. According to the Dane Count Circuit Court report:

Dominic D. Cizauskas, 18, a linebacker from Mukwonago, allegedly showed up at the woman’s dorm drunk on Dec. 14, undressed her and raped her after the two had exchanged text messages, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

“I tried to make excuses trying to get him to leave,” the woman told police, adding that she told him “no” several times. “I didn’t know what to do. I was by myself, my roommate went home for the weekend and he’s a 200-pound football player and he had been drinking.”

Also according to the report, they had had consensual sex in the past, with the most recent time being last June:

In February, the woman told police that she’d had consensual sex with Cizauskas in the past, the last time in June. She said after that they sometimes exchanged flirtatious text messages, but she made various excuses to avoid having sex with him again.

The woman also said she tried to avoid him when she knew he was coming to Madison because she was fed up with him trying to arrange sex with her and thought they were just friends.

Calls to the UW Athletic Department haven’t been returned. Cizauskas is due back in court March 31st.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin FB Recruit Accused of Rape During Recruiting Visit (Mugshot)

  • He should go to Michigan. He would be allowed to play 4 seasons before he gets kicked out. In fact, he would never even be charged.

  • Well she did say “No” so the fact that they had sex in the past should not matter but it does explain why he was determined to get the p*ssy……from the look of his mugshot he wasn’t too upset about how things went down…lol

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