Woman Attacks The Wrong Jets Organization Over Vick Signing (Photo)


Just because you’ve paid your debt and tried to right your wrongs doesn’t mean people are going to forgive you or forget about what you did.

A woman by the name of Thelma found herself outraged over the fact that the New York Jets would sign the reputed dog killer Vick. So she did what any outraged fan would do, she took to social media to blast the Jets organization for such a thing.

The only problem is that Thelma took her frustrations out on the wrong Jets organization.  Instead of the New York Jets, the woman blasted the Newcastle Jets, a professional club in Australia.



My lady if you are going to be that passionate, at least know who your attacking.

H/T Tom Peets

3 thoughts on “Woman Attacks The Wrong Jets Organization Over Vick Signing (Photo)

  • I will never forgive him. Just to be clear, he paid his debt for an illegal gambling ring yes. He and his bro’s also stole family pet type dogs, bound them, pulled their teeth out with pliers so they could not injure the fighting dogs and threw them in with the trained fighters to be ripped to shreds for practice and to develop the taste for blood not to mention all the other sick things they did to helpless, defenseless animals. It takes a sick fucking mind to do those things and there is no cure for the sickness other than death. Forgive him if you want, I can’t stand the fact that he is breathing the same air as I am. And I will no longer root for the Jets. Fuck ’em.

    • Its not worth it enough to let it bother me as long as it has you. Life must be great enough to worry about things other than yourself. Im kind of jealous.

  • Go fuck yourself then

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