Yasiel Puig Hits Up Hollywood Club In $300K Rolls Royce



Ah, to be young, rich and famous. Yasiel Puig has embraced all the things that being a household name have given him–like say for example his $300,000.00 Rolls Royce, which he pulled up to Hollywood night club Greystone Manor in, with his teammates.

As you may or may not remember (if you stayed up ridiculously late to watch the Opening Series in Australia) Puig hurt his back in Sunday’s game. Still, jetlag and the hurt back weren’t enough to keep the 23-year-old from having a good time.


  1. You are correct he is young and rich but also from a place where he had nothing. This country is like Heaven to him and he is loving all of it. Congrats to him and his family.

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