Your Favorite Athletes First Tweets


Eight years ago today, Twitter was born and our lives were changed forever. Okay so maybe the Twitter effect hasn’t been that dramatic, but it has undeniably made our lives more fun.

To honor their eight year anniversary, Twitter has launched a website that allows you to look up almost every users first tweet ever.

So of course, people have spent all day looking up athletes first tweets for any type of comedic gold. Possibly the best part of Twitter is the interaction and access to athletes that us sports fans have never had before. Here are how some of the most popular athlete’s on Twitter introduced their accounts to the world.

The original Twitter athlete, Shaq joined by, what else, promoting himself.

After years of resisting, Kobe joined Twitter and started his #hashtags right from the get go.

Brian Wilson of the Dodgers tweets exactly how you’d expect him to.

Lebron announced his arrival in a tweet that felt a bit too forced. Haaaa

Ocho Cinco had one very simple question, we think.

JR Smith kicked off his legendary account with some advice for all you twodels.

Darnell Dockett, who may have the best athlete account on Twitter period, didn’t seem to fully understand the concept at first.

Tony “Corleone” Allen blessed us all with his first Tweet.

Terrell Owens first tweet is kind of sad looking back now.

Javale McGee’s first tweet gives us insight into how all of his craziness usually starts off, with boredom.

Colin Kaepernick’s first tweet takes us back to when he wasn’t an instantly recognizable superstar.

Arian Foster made us think about how insane a ‘Twitter House’ would be.

And last, but definitely not least, the tweet that started it all here at BSO. From the boss man himself, Robert Littal.

Here’s to another eight years of Twitter fun from all of our favorite athletes.