Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Told Guard He’d Kill Him & His Family


Aaron Hernandez has already gotten into trouble of beating up a handcuffed inmate and now according to TMZ he is being investigated for allegedly threatening to kill a guard over not getting enough food.

The story goes that Hernandez is losing weight, so to get extra food he puts a bug in his food so he can get an extra serving. A guard caught on to this and stopped giving him extra plates. That is when he allegedly told the guard he was going to kill him.

An ex-inmate who witnessed the confrontation was brought in for questioning.

Investigators asked if Hernandez had threatened to kill the guard — who blew the whistle on Aaron when he was trying to deviously score extra food inside the joint.

Among the questions investigators asked the ex-inmate — did Aaron ever say anything to the effect of … when he gets out of jail, he’s going to “kill the guard and shoot his family.”

They also want to know if Aaron ever made a noise like a “machine gun round” to the guard.

The ex-inmate wisely didn’t implicate Hernandez.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Told Guard He’d Kill Him & His Family

  • This is a joke. These are prisoners. These are people who think they are bad in the streets but bit-h up when it comes to Hernandez. Punk a$$ mf letting a caged up b-stard put fear in their hearts

  • Well Damn I guess Aaron Hernandez is bout that life…..lol…..herolls hard like a Sorprano or Corleone….LOL

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