Adam Silver’s Press Conference on Donald Sterling (Video)


NBA commissioner Adam Silver formally address the audio tape of Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly using racist remarks during a phone conversation with his girlfriend.

Silver actually was in Memphis for a press conference to discuss the continued growth of the Grizzlies franchise.  Sterling’s controversy actually hijacked the Grizzlies presser.

Silver started out by saying that he had hoped to have a happier press conference,  moved on to discussing the growth of the Memphis franchise and then gave his statement on the Sterling incident.

“The audio recording posting by TMZ is truly offensive and disturbing and we intend to get to the bottom of it ASAP.”

“this is unfair to Clippers players since they have to deal with this now. Silver talked to Doc Rivers and Chris Paul today.”

“I’m not prepared to discuss any potential sanctions against Donald Sterling. We will, however, move quickly.”

Commissioner Silver then stated that Sterling will not be attending the Clippers playoff game on Sunday against the Warriors.