Allen Iverson Vacationing With Ex-Wife Tawanna (Photos)

AI Tawanna

Good to see A.I. and Tawanna getting along.

Their divorce got quite messy, but it seems they have found a middle ground and that is always good for the kids.

A.I.’s son is taller than him.

5 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Vacationing With Ex-Wife Tawanna (Photos)

  • So he is around 6’2″? Just think with Iverson’s skills and little Iverson’s height? Wonder if hes’ still growing, how old is the son?

    • He is 16 I’m pretty sure.

  • That’s cool that he and the ex are getting along……I wonder does his son play ball?

  • Of course she is getting along with him now. She got his money and don’t have to do anything but sit on her butt and collect checks. And she will be hounding him until he dies for money.

  • I always figured AI for a “wifebeater on the beach” dude….I bet he’s got Timbs on too LOL

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