Bill Laimbeer: LeBron Would Be NBA’s Best Player In 1980s (Video)


It seems that almost 30 years later, Bill Laimbeer is still taking shots at Michael Jordan.   This one was just of the non physical nature.

Laimbeer was a member of some great Detroit Pistons teams and had the opportunity to play against greats like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and one Michael Jordan.

During a recent conversation with  Sports Illustrated NowLaimbeer suggested that Miami Heat star LeBron James, would probably have been the best player during that era as well.

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Game One

The former Piston—and member of the team known as the “Bad Boys”—also praised James’ toughness, calling him “mentally” and “physically strong.”

Laimbeer has his points.

He referenced James’ incredible size for a guy who can play all five positions.   James essentially would have been able to guard and likely dominate some of the greatest names of our time.