Blake Griffin in Favor of NBA Allowing Medical Marijuana Use

Blake Griffin

It’s kind of interesting for me personally sometimes to just sit back and watch shifts in perception in today’s society. For example, with marijuana now being completely legal in two states, you’re starting to see more and more prominent people endorse it or advocate for it to be legalized. The latest to share his opinion? Blake Griffin.

The Clippers star forward was doing a sit down with Rolling Stone in anticipation of the NBA playoffs about to start, when they asked him his thoughts on if the NBA should allow medical marijuana use.

The NFL might let players use medical marijuana to treat pain. If you had a vote, would the NBA do the same? 
It doesn’t really affect me, but so many guys would probably benefit from it and not take as many painkillers, which have worse long-term effects. So I would vote yes. I just think it makes sense.

I’m inclined to agree with Griffin’s stance on this but I think it’ll be a long time before we actually see the NBA decide to take that step. If it will happen anywhere, look for the NFL to lead on this.