Boeheim On Tyler Ennis: “Physically He Could Have Used Another Year”

Jim Boeheim says Ennis could have used another year of college

Legendary Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim has never been shy to tell it how it is. Tyler Ennis declared for the NBA draft last week after just spending one season at Syracuse.

Boeheim feels Ennis should have stayed another year.

“I think he is a great college player, but I think physically he could have used another year,” Boeheim said. “I think when you get to the NBA, you need to be as physically ready as you can be, so I think Tyler could have benefited from another year, but certainly he is a tremendous player and a very smart point guard.”

This probably wasn’t the most politically correct thing in the world to say, but at the same time, Boeheim didn’t say anything that scouts aren’t saying about Ennis.

One thought on “Boeheim On Tyler Ennis: “Physically He Could Have Used Another Year”

  • Physically ready = he can’t shoot.

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