Boeheim Says Players Should Have Until June 1st To Declare For NBA Draft

Jim Boeheim

The rule as it stands now is that college basketball players who are thinking about declaring for the NBA draft have to make a decision by April 15th- a deadline Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim does not agree with.

“The NBA people haven’t even looked at the draft yet [in April]. They’re just gathering material,” Boeheim said. “They don’t even get to that process until May. And the problem is we’re so stupid in college that we make kids come back by April 15. It should be June 1. That way a kid can go work out.”

“This year, that rule will probably get worked on, we’ll probably get something done. It should be a June 1st rule. Let the kid go try out. Let him go see how difficult it is. Right now, it’s really just a bad system.”

I agree with Boeheim. If you’re a player on a Final Four team you have less than 10 day to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Players should be able to evaluate all of the facts and options with their family and advisors prior to making that call and 10 days or less simply isn’t adequate time to do so.