Brazilian Coach Doesn’t Want Players Having Acrobatic sex During WC




A lot of soccer coaches subscribe to the theory that having sex during major tournaments prevents players from performing at an optimum level. That’s why a lot of times the wives and girlfriends are told to stay home or aren’t allowed to stay in the same hotels as their significant other.

Brazilian head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is a bit more liberal in his approach as he understands that players will do what they do, but at the same time he would prefer if they exercised some caution during their bedroom escapades.

Per Soccerly:

“Sex before matches? If it is normal, yes,” said Scolari in a press conference in Portugal. “If done ‘normally’. (But) there are certain ways to do it that are acrobatic and that will tire you.”

Scolari sounds like he’s indulged in some acrobatic activities during his time.



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