Brian Kelly: I Want Everett Golson To have Jameis Winston-Like Impact


Everett Golson has returned to Notre Dame and his head coach would like him to bring some magic along for the ride this time.  Brian Kelly opened up to CBS Sports recently about his caffeine addiction, surfboards and the return of quarterback  Golson to the Notre Dame football team.

Kelly loves Heisman winner and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.   Kelly knows he can’t have Winston, but he told CBS that Golson has a “wow factor” to him, and he’d like his quarterback to have a “Winston like impact for the Irish this season.”



While Kelly’s at it, he’ll also take some Drew Brees. Though Golson has the “wow factor” when making plays outside the pocket, he mainly needs a quarterback to flourish inside one.

Kelly isn’t directly comparing Golson — who was benched four times in 2012 and benched for good in 2013 after reportedly cheating on a test — to Brees or Winston.

But the expectation is clear: Be great, just like the others.

“It’s all about the quarterback,” said Kelly, who just finished an early morning meeting with his quarterbacks. “Manage the pocket. He’s got to have answers.”

Golson can be magical at time, but unless the weapons around him are more athletic, there will be no Winston like impact.