Brittney Griner Makes 12x More Playing In China Than In The U.S.

Brittney Griner

It’s no secret that even the elite of the WNBA don’t make a lot of money, which is why a majority of them hightail it overseas during the offseason. The Post Game is reporting that Brittney Griner makes twelve time more money playing overseas in China during the offseason than she does in the WNBA.

While the Mercury could only pay Griner $49,440 in 2013, the WCBA’s Zhejiang Golden Bulls signed her for approximately $600,000, according to ESPN The Magazine. Even with a $1 million endorsement contract from Nike, that type of money is hard to turn down. That’s roughly six times more than the maximum salary in the WNBA.

I suppose if you look on the bright side you’ll note that most people don’t make $49,000  coming right out of college with nothing but a Bachelor’s Degree. Still must be hard when you know the #1 draft pick in the NBA is probably getting $3 million before he ever steps foot on the court.

7 thoughts on “Brittney Griner Makes 12x More Playing In China Than In The U.S.

  • Forty nine thousand playing in the WNBA vs. over half a million playing in China. Those girls are wasting their time playing the WNBA.

  • It doesn’t even compare to men. Nobody cares about the WNBA, they generate no significant revenue and teams lose money annually. There is nothing exciting about watching Brittany play basketball and shes actually overpaid considering the league is a waste.

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