Bunny Ranch Brothel Bans Donald Sterling For Life



The Moonlight Bunny Ranch is arguably the most famous brothel in the United States and their owner Dennis Hof took his own stance against Donald Sterling.

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch has issued a lifetime ban to Mr. Sterling effective immediately.

Here’s what Dennis Hof had to say about the situation:

“A lot of NBA players come here to party,” Hof told The Huffington Post. “Out of respect to them, we have banned Sterling from coming here.”

“I can tell you this: Johnny Buss, one of the owners of the Los Angeles Lakers, and I have had a dual birthday party at the Bunny Ranch for the last 18 years, so a lot of NBA people have been here,” he said.

Hof goes on to explain how Sterling’s words affected women at the Ranch:

“At any given time, 20 to 23 percent of the prostitutes here are African-American,” Hof said. “And they’re smoking hot. Some of them were crying this morning so we’re doing this for them as well. We don’t need racists or bigots at the Bunny Ranch.”

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  1. This is totally awesome. Talk about where our country has sunk to – we have a brothel owner, who promotes the degradation of women, illegal prostitution, adultery, and fornication, calling out and making a stand against an old white jerk who just happens to voice his dislike, (in the privacy of his own home) of some of his “gold digging” Gfriend’s other boyfriends. But since these other boyfriends just happen to have some African American genes, this justifies the brothel owner calling him out? What HE double toothpicks have we come to in this country. We are a complete joke to the rest of the world, and a disgrace to all that is decent.

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