Champ Bailey: Saints Are Very Close To Super Bowl Title


By all accounts Champ Bailey took one free agent visit before signing.

It Bailey 15 NFL seasons before he was able to finally make it to a Super Bowl.  Bailey would like to return immediately, and part of the reason he signed a two year deal with the New Orleans Saints is because the future Hall of Famer believes they are close to winning a title.

“(The Saints) are very close (to a championship),” he said Friday, according to the Saints’ official site. “You look at, Coach Payton took a year off, came back and they got in the playoffs, and won a game. They’re very close. I think any time you have a guy like Drew Brees calling the shots on offense, you’re always going to have a shot.

“Then, you put a good defense in with that and you give yourself a better shot. They’ve got all the pieces, so hopefully I’m another piece to help them get to where we want to go.”

Bailey isn’t the same player he once was, but Rob Ryan may be able to move Champ around some and hide those deficiencies in the secondary.