Charles Barkley Goes Off on “Idiots” Who Don’t Get Teamcast (Video)

Charles Barkley challenges Stephen Curry.

There are a lot of people complaining about the Teamcasts that are being shown that are heavily biased towards that particular team. Many of those confused souls are taking to Twitter to complain and Charles Barkley was fed up and had to go off about it:

Not many people can get away with calling their viewers idiots but Sir Charles can pull it off.

Bravo Charles.


One thought on “Charles Barkley Goes Off on “Idiots” Who Don’t Get Teamcast (Video)

  • I looked in amazement as the entire cast of past players looked for Kentucky to beat UCON. At the time I thought they were misguided idiots. It is now ironic that Charles could invoke that word in his disdain for the viewers that support his team cast. Please examine yourself Charles Idiotic sits on you shoulders each broadcast. Also please take some speech classes, are you foreign born?

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