Columinst Says Dodgers Need To “Babysit” Yasiel Puig

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In the midst of the hoopla over Yasiel Puig’s home opener benching due to tardiness, was the massive overreaction by many media outlets. By far though, Jill Painter of  Los Angeles Daily News seemed to have the most radical approach to Puig’s behavior, via Deadspin:

Puig should explain to fans why he’s not in the lineup. He cheated everyone out of watching his antics — both dazzling and disturbing — in the home opener. Shame on him. Puig needs to think about someone other himself for a change, and the Dodgers need to babysit him by the hour.

Painter went on to lament about how selfish Puig is and it eventually led to her predicting the Dodgers’ demise if Puig doesn’t correct himself. Really though, it’s time we all get used to the shenanigans of Puig–that’s not to say the Dodgers should tolerate it, but to overreact this massively is pretty uncalled for.

The Dodgers need to come up with a plan on how to keep Puig focused–baby-sitting a 23-year-old will most likely not make the top ten list.

3 thoughts on “Columinst Says Dodgers Need To “Babysit” Yasiel Puig

  • Dan Lebatard wrote a great article about Puig and why young latinos who come from true third world poverty act this way in America. One guy was breastfed until he was 6 because his family was too poor to feed him.

  • If the Dodgers don’t get a handle on this immature brat, he will bring the franchise down. There are hundreds of Latino players who don’t act like two year olds. Time for this idiot to grow up, or else.

    • Two great role models in the picture with him, Snoop Dog and Chris Brown. I have to assume that Kanye West was busy that day.

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