Danny Ainge Says Rondo Won’t Be Traded

Danny Ainge says Rajon Rondo could be out a while.

I think the only reason Rondo hasn’t been traded is because Danny Ainge is looking to swindle someone and hasn’t gotten the right offer.

Until he does look for Rondo to stay in Boston. Here is what he had to say courtesy of NESN.

Once again, WEEI’s Michael Holley and Jackie MacMullan posed the question to Ainge on Thursday, asking if Rondo will be on the team next season. “Yeah,” Ainge said in the radio interview.

Slightly exasperated, Ainge reminded the listeners that his public stance has been consistent. “I’ve said that like a thousand times,” Ainge said. “Like, every interview, every day, you heard me say it last night, you heard me say it last week, you heard me say it last month, you heard me say it six years ago.”

Ainge has been known to flat out lie, but as the GM that is something you need to be good at.

2 thoughts on “Danny Ainge Says Rondo Won’t Be Traded

  • They all lie so it doesn’t mean shyt…..

  • Aside from Ainge lying about everything, he said earlier that morning that everybody on the roster is fair game.

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