DeAngelo Williams Doesn’t Want To Face 8 Men In The Box

Williams, Luck


The Carolina Panthers have spent most of their offseason trying to rebuild what was a 12-4 team. With the loss of Smith, Ginn, Lafell, Mitchell, Gross and a host of other players, fans are starting to question 2nd year GM Dave Gettleman and whether he’s the right man for the job. Panther Fans aren’t alone, even players such as DeAngelo Williams were shocked and he thinks the front office has a lot to prove.

“We lost them all,” Williams said of the Panthers’ receivers. “That was tough, man. I played with Steve for eight years, and I know the chip he has on his shoulder, and he’s a playmaker. I couldn’t believe that we made those moves. Like, I’m still in shock. Not only did we lose him, but Ted Ginn Jr., Brandon LaFell, and [Domenik] Hixon.”

“It puts more pressure on the front office because you make these moves, getting rid of our four receivers, but you got to bring in guys,” he said. “No slight to Cotchery and Avant that we just signed. I don’t know many receivers on other teams, so I’m not saying they’re no-name guys, but our guys made their names all by themselves … I mean, I don’t know where we go from there.”

“I don’t have any concerns so to speak,” he said about the offense in the regular season. “I just don’t want to see eight, nine guys in the box week in and week out because we’re working on our timing.”

One thing I have always admired about Carolina is that they are dedicated to their own. You don’t see too many players in the media and they tend to keep things in house. But I don’t too much agree with Williams, Gettleman moves aren’t so bad, considering he’s working with a poor cap space the signings he’s done have been somewhat of an upgrade. Little does Williams know Ginn only caught two catches in 2012 and significantly increased that to 36 catches with Cam Newton in Carolina. Also, a great point by, Carolina replaced three receivers who average 7.25 catches a game from four that averaged just under 10, now once you include a receiver from the draft… Gettleman might not have done so bad. Gettleman gained a lot of veteran experience this offseason with some players already accustomed to playing NFC South football. The draft is where Carolina will win as done in previous drafts. Fans that are concerned about the WR and OL position, don’t worry the NFL Draft is May 8th, not too much longer will you start to gain confidence in your team again.