Deion Sanders Says No Good Receivers Came Out Of Oregon

Chip Kelly Oregon

In an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show Deion Sanders gave his candid views on Johnny Manziel and DeSean Jackson’s controversial dismissal from the Eagles.

Sanders told the show that despite reports that his questionable acquaintances led to DeSean’s release, it probably had more to do with 2nd year coach Chip Kelly’s football philosophy.

You got to understand his coach. His coach does not value receivers. I don’t have any receivers that have made it to the NFL from Oregon. I know there’s no good ones because I don’t know him. (Laughter). So he does not value receivers, he values his scheme.

I decided to research Sanders assertion that no good receivers came out of Oregon. Based on ESPN’s list of NFL players by school, out of the 28 former Ducks in the league 2 of them are receivers – Will Murphy and Drew Davis. Who, you ask?…Well, guess Primetime has a point.