DeSean Jackson Celebrated New Contract in Style at the Club (Photos)

Jaccpot Records CEO seemed to have a good time in Miami before reporting to the Redskins for offseason workouts. Popped a few bottles at Dream Nightclub.

TMZ reports he spent about $7k on the evening, which is pretty light work for an athlete these days.  Just be careful, those ladies looking like they might be plotting.

DeSean Jackson 13

3 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Celebrated New Contract in Style at the Club (Photos)

  • Some athletes never learn. I predict DeSean Jackson will be broke in ten years.

    • Some haters will never learn, ten years from now, they will still wishing for professional athletes to go broke…Do you think Bill Gates is sitting somewhere, wishing and hoping millionaire athletes go broke??? I guess misery loves company.

  • I do. The difference between wealthy people like me and rich people like DJ is that I am the one that signs the checks they get in order to perform for me like a circus act. Jump DJ Jump….Good Boy, here a check.

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