Detroit Tigers Reliever Evan Reed Being Investigated for Sexual Assualt


There seems to be a disturbing trend among professional athletes and the women they meet.

Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Evan Reed has come up under investigation, for a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in the early morning hours of March 30th, the day before the Tigers opener.

According to a report from USA Today, a 45-year old woman told police she’d met Reed at a bar in Royal  Oak and that she believes she’d been drugged after leaving the bar with him on their way to a Motor City Casino hotel room. There, is where she says the assault occurred and she reported the situation to the police the next day. She was tested for drugs but results of the test are not known, or reported yet.

The Tigers released a statement today on the matter:

“The organization is aware of the very serious allegation that has been made against pitcher Evan Reed. This allegation is concerning and we are aware of an on-going investigation. It would be inappropriate for the ballclub to comment further at this time.”

I’m not sure why a professional athlete would feel the need to drug a woman, when they are usually in great demand already. But then, there’s Mr. Darren Sharper and his alleged monstrosities.

Either way, nothing about this situation is good and now that the investigation has been made public, look for more facts to emerge as we move forward.

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  • When these athletes pick up a woman at a bar and she agrees to go back to his room then it should be pretty much a done deal. They shouldn’t have to drug her…..ijs

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